Vocational Case Management

This product is designed as an early intervention tool to assess and manage new cases. Referral is recommended at the onset of injury. Our telephonic program can be implemented to meet the various needs of the customer. Routinely upon referral, a Registered Nurse or credentialed Vocational professional implements a three-point contact with the provider, the injured worker and the employer. The nurse will continuously assess and evaluate the case information to coordinate continued communication between all parties with the goal of successful return to work and medical discharge.
This product provides Case Management for individuals receiving long term or extended disability payments for a personal injury. The vocational professionals review the case files and evaluate for appropriate services which may include a physical abilities assessment, vocational evaluation, transferable skills analysis, lab market surveys and job placement services. Case management coordinates the communication between the worker, employer and medical providers to facilitate a safe return to work environment where feasible.
In the state of Minnesota many injured workers are entitled to Statutory Rehabilitation Services. If an injured worker’s total disability exceeds 13 weeks, a Registered Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC) is assigned by the employer / insurer or chosen by the injured worker. The QRC is governed by a plethora of statutes and regulations and is required to act as a neutral party. The QRC has the responsibility of developing and implementing a rehabilitation plan that is focused on returning the worker to suitable gainful employment.
The Vocational Assessment is utilized to give direction to individuals who are reentering the job market or find it necessary to change their vocational direction. This assessment helps determine appropriate vocational goals by assessing an individual’s aptitudes, interests, transferable skills and achievements through a battery of individualized vocational tests. This assessment frequently forms the foundation for the vocational plan.
When an individual enters job search, this training is provided to maximize the success of the search by teaching the individual how to interview, how to create a resume, how to search for appropriate positions and how to fill out applications. This training provides an overview of the process of searching for a new job.
This vocational service is utilized to provide direct assistance to the individual engaged in an active job search. The Placement Specialist is assigned to direct the efforts of the job seeker. The Placement Specialist will assist in the identification of job goals, resume development, providing Job Seeking Skills Training and will actively develop a list of job opportunities through cold calls to employers and our computerized job posting network.
A Job Analysis is utilized when it is necessary to obtain an independent, visual observation of the physical demands of a job. This is frequently done in light of physical limitations an individual may have to ensure a safe job placement.
This is a telephonic survey of employers in a targeted geographic area to determine hiring trends, available positions in a specific industry, or to determine the potential employment opportunities for an individual with physical restrictions.

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