Medical Case Management

The Medical Case Manager coordinates medical care and provides ongoing communication between injured worker, employer, medical provider and insurance carrier. A Medical Case Manager is assigned to manage the care of an individual to promote a safe and timely return-to-work. This may include the identification of a temporary light duty position or the development of a permanent modified duty position when medically appropriate. This coordinated effort helps control costs and provides effective medical care.
This product is designed as an early intervention tool to assess and manage new cases. Referral is recommended at the onset of injury. Our telephonic program can be implemented to meet the various needs of the customer. Routinely upon referral, a Registered Nurse or credentialed Vocational professional implements a three-point contact with the provider, the injured worker and the employer. The nurse will continuously assess and evaluate the case information to coordinate continued communication between all parties with the goal of successful return to work and medical discharge.
Nurse Triage is a Workers’ Compensation program formulated, for individual employers, to reduce the cost and improve the recovery time of work place injuries. Our Registered Nurses are on call seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. They provide the appropriate level of evaluation and treatment at the first point of an injury. Addressing a workplace injury on the first day significantly reduces both the recovery time, as well as the costs. As soon as an injury is reported and while still on the worksite, the employee is directed to immediately call the triage service. Often times, an initial injury requires nothing more than rest and self-care. Treatment in emergency rooms result in high costs, increased indemnity and cumbersome care. If the injury requires medical treatment beyond first aid, the employee is directed to the employer’s occupational health clinic. Triage Nurses record, refer, schedule, track and follow-up on all injuries.
Case Management services are provided on short term disability policies for personal health conditions. Our nurses will facilitate communication between the worker, the employer and the medical community to evaluate and facilitate a safe and successful return to work. From evaluation of a worker’s physical abilities and ongoing progress through the healing process to a medical conclusion or discharge, the team makes sure your case is handled from start to finish.
In the state of Minnesota many injured workers are entitled to Statutory Rehabilitation Services. If an injured worker’s total disability exceeds 13 weeks, a Registered Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC) is assigned by the employer / insurer or chosen by the injured worker. The QRC is governed by a plethora of statutes and regulations and is required to act as a neutral party. The QRC has the responsibility of developing and implementing a rehabilitation plan that is focused on returning the worker to suitable gainful employment.
In the event of a catastrophic injury, our Registered Nurses are available on a priority basis. The Catastrophic Nurse Case Managers are trained to assess complicated medical issues related to a Catastrophic Injury and to report those issues back in layperson’s terms. The Nurse Case Manager can also assist the injured worker’s family with questions and help them coordinate the transition from the hospital to home by creating a comprehensive care plan to include home health care, in-home preparation, medical equipment needs, transportation of the party, and so on. The Nurse Case Manager may also utilize components of our Life Care Planning System to identify vendors and short term costs for in-home care and durable goods. Catastrophic Case Management is an essential tool in minimizing the impact of a catastrophic injury.
The South Dakota Workers Compensation system strives to ensure that workers are able to obtain prompt medical care to return to work as quickly as possible. Stubbe & Associates is a Certified Case Management Organization with South Dakota. Our nurses facilitate communication between employers, medical providers and workers.
A Job Analysis is utilized when it is necessary to obtain an independent, visual observation of the physical demands of a job. This is frequently done in light of physical limitations an individual may have to ensure a safe job placement.

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