Independent Vocational Evaluation (IVE) is a second opinion vocational evaluation. In these circumstances, a request is made for a vocational professional to evaluate the current rehabilitation plan and render a professional opinion. This evaluation will include vocational testing, skill analysis, physical limitations review, aptitude testing and employment history.
This testimony is a comprehensive report summarizing all medical records to date. This includes a separation of billing for multiple conditions and diagnoses.
Stubbe & Associates has experts that are certified to provide vocational analysis relating to benefit eligibility as specified by the Social Security Administration.
Stubbe & Associates’ vocational professionals have in-depth and respected experience providing Expert Evaluation and Testimony Services. They provide documented evaluations, when requested, with regard to an individual’s employment and vocational abilities as well as evaluate re-training proposals to determine appropriateness. These trained and certified professionals supervise sanctioned/contemporary testing to define vocational aptitudes, abilities, and interests. They perform Labor Market research to specifically identify regional job openings, basic labor market information and job requirements. Research is done utilizing online resources and direct phone contact with employers. Our professionals provide educated, experienced and current opinions on employability and earning capacity. If required, follow through is provided with individuals to determine participation and cooperation in job search and placement efforts. Most impressive to juries is the fact that our Vocational Experts are also actively working in careers as highly educated and experienced case managers and Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants.
Complex issues arise surrounding the employment potential of a spouse in a divorce action. The services in this category utilize a combination of tools to assess the future workability of a spouse. Some of these tools consist of a clinical interview, work and education analysis, physical limitations assessment, transferable skills analysis, vocational testing and labor market research. Through the utilization of these tools, an opinion can be formed regarding present and future wage earning potential of the affected spouse.
Life Care Planning is designed to provide a comprehensive projection of medical costs over the life of a catastrophically injured person. The Plan will assess the needs for durable goods and pharmaceuticals and identify the best price through a national database of vendors. We can identify potential complications and give estimates of related costs. The Life Care Plan can even determine the immediate and long range need for physical modifications to homes and vehicles as well as estimate future maintenance costs of these modifications. In addition to estimates on durable goods, a Life Care Plan will assess the need for in-home health care and project the long range costs of the care in relation to the sustained injury and geographic location.

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