24/7 Triage by Stubbe

Nurse Triage is a Workers’ Compensation program formulated, for individual employers, to reduce the cost and improve the recovery time of work place injuries. Our Registered Nurses are on call seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. They provide the appropriate level of evaluation and treatment at the first point of an injury. Addressing a workplace injury on the first day significantly reduces both the recovery time, as well as the costs. As soon as an injury is reported and while still on the worksite, the employee is directed to immediately call the triage service. Often times, an initial injury requires nothing more than rest and self-care. Treatment in emergency rooms result in high costs, increased indemnity and cumbersome care. If the injury requires medical treatment beyond first aid, the employee is directed to the employer’s occupational health clinic. Triage Nurses record, refer, schedule, track and follow-up on all injuries.